RI Incentives

Financial incentives for solar installations

Rhode Island Incentives for Solar

There are two statewide incentives for solar. Only one can apply to each installation so you have to choose between them.

Energy Sell Back Program

With this program you can sell all the energy you generate to the utility at a premium price per kWh for 15 years. For residential customers, you will be selling back all the solar energy you produce for approximately double the current price of energy.

State Grant

This incentive is only available to some installations. It is dependent on the orientation, pitch, and shading on site. The state provides some money to help with the up front cost. After choosing the grant option, all the energy you generate creates credits on your electric bill which you can use in the future.

Federal Tax Credit

You can take a federal tax credit for 30% of the installed cost of your solar array.

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