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Sol Power is an employee owned and RI-based company founded in 2013. We provide turnkey solar photovoltaic installations. Sol Power consists of 8 employees; five office staff and our three person installation crew including a full time master electrician. This team enables us to handle all aspects of our installations in-house. We work all over mainland RI and our office is located in Providence. Sol Power has been selected as the community installer for three towns in RI and we hope to continue expanding as more Solarize programs happen. We pride ourselves on an unrivaled customer service experience, our top notch installation quality, and our cooperative and local business model.

Sol Power is employee owned and democratically run. As a cooperative, our employees are either an owner of the company or on track to becoming one. Company profits are distributed among employees and equity in the company is awarded to employees for their work. Every employee of Sol Power is a small business owner. As such, we’re invested in our work. Our employees are the driving force behind our customer service and quality.

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